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Music that Matters;

As a North Dakotan, I don’t get a lot of opportunity to see live music. I have to travel a minimum of three hours to attend shows. Recently, I took a trip from Fargo (where I live) to Minneapolis, MN, 460 miles round trip. The reason for this drive was to see Seattle singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen perform. 

This is the type of show I love seeing. The musicians that are putting on shows because they love music. They pour themselves into their art, and it’s evident in their performance. 

A year and a half ago, I heard about Noah, and from that moment on, he has become an artist I have consistently loved. He makes you believe in the power of music, and it’s beautiful. 

Noah Gundersen recently released his first full length album, titled Ledges. From the very beginning, this album grabs you to your core, and does not let go, even after the last notes of “Time Moves Quickly.” This album is soul searching music. It makes you think, and not just about life, but about love, what it means to be alive, and what both pain and joy can bring into your life. This album is heartfelt, and simple, but not at all plain. It is honest. That’s the best way I can describe this album, purely it is an honest album. 

It is at it’s core, a beautiful sentiment to the passion Noah has for his music. Seeing him live in Minneapolis solidified everything I felt about this album. I have never seen a more engaging, passionate, and vulnerable type of performance. I’ve never been to a show where afterwards the artist stuck around to talk with people. Noah did that, and not only did he stick around, he actually talked with people. I overheard him talking to a young man who also made music, and he asked the young man the name of the band he was in, and if they played shows around the area. That small gesture probably made that young man’s day, if not week, because someone who makes music for a living showed interest in the music he was making. It seems small, but it matters. My boyfriend and I got to chat with Noah for a bit about driving so far to see him, and the movie Fargo, but I was also able to thank him for caring enough about music to do what he is doing, and to make the music that he does. 

His music is wonderful, his album couldn’t be any better, and if the opportunity to see him play live presents itself again, I know for sure that I will take it, because when you experience music that truly matters, it sticks with you. 

Noah’s music is the kind of music that matters, and Ledges is an album that can speak to you, even when it seems like nothing else can.