Today was the type of day where towels made me cry and I got a sunburn without my skin ever seeing the sun.

Today was the type of day where you go home, and your legs go numb the second you sit down.

Today, I realized how sad I am that Ben has moved, because today was the first day all of his stuff was gone.

My boyfriend got a career opportunity straight out of college. Great for him. I could not be more incredibly proud. Being a photographer is hard work. He is great at it, and he deserves to work as a photographer because he loves it.

I’m just a little bit of a selfish wuss.

In the coming months, expect me to work and study more than is healthy. Expect me to eat less food and substitute it with coffee because real meals take time. And most importantly, be patient with me. I’m learning an entirely different way of life without warning.

I’ll get there. He just moved, it’s not the end of the world. I’m working on it.


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